Communication and Family Issues

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Communication in marriage Research: Communication In Families Communication is a vital part of everyday life. Without communication we would not be allowed to express feelings, needs or even wants. Communication is more complicated than just speaking to one another. Some families suffer from the lack of communication and it is most important to keep a good communication flow through families. Effective communication is an important characteristic of strong, healthy families. Family communication is the way verbal and non-verbal information is exchanged between family members (Epstein et al.,1993). Communication involves the ability to pay attention to what others are thinking and feeling. In other words, an important part of…show more content…
When that happened to Betsy, she changed, too. Now Carl finds himself wondering what happened to the self-assured, strong woman he first fell in love with. He misses her. Carl doesn't realize it, but Betsy has always had an unusual need for attention and communication. That's because she had a very stoic father whom she was never able to please. It's good to examine whether your need to talk is reasonable or the result of a troubled upbringing. Most couples need help to discuss their needs in a productive way. Having different attitudes toward talking doesn't mean there is something wrong with either spouse, that anyone was deceived, or that the marriage is hopeless. When Your Spouse Won't Talk Relating to each other is not a technique we're born with. It's like a muscle that needs to be developed over time. by Romie Hurley Next Article in Series: • Previous Article • Next Article 1. Overview 2. When Your Spouse Won't Talk 3. When Your Spouse Won't Leave You Alone 4. Making Time to Talk 5. Talking About Sensitive Issues 6. Starting a Conversation 7. Communicating Without Talking 8. On Listening and Other Rare, Exotic Habits 9. Next Steps / Related Information Relating to each other is not a technique we're born with. It's like a muscle that needs to be developed over time—and massaged when it hurts. If you have a spouse who doesn't want to talk as much
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