Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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The aim of this assignment is to critique a role play, and look at the positive and negative, that relates theory and knowledge regarding the use of communication and interpersonal skills, and how and when to use verbal, non-verbal and Para-verbal communication within the role play scenario that was chosen. The author will also discuss the different models of Communication, and how they use a person centred approach to counsel and interact, and how best to handle and approach a situation in the correct manner. The role play that was chosen to critique was role play 2, Barry had an appointment to see a counsellor, which was booked by his general practitioner to discuss the problems of his drug and alcohol abuse, and how the…show more content…
N M C, (nursing and midwifery council) code of professional conduct clearly states “that you should be non judgmental within your role”. The counsellor also didn’t use a non-directive approach, and allowed his client to find his own way forward, but gave advice on amounts of alcohol to be consumed at what he considered safe levels. However on the positive side to the counselling session, the counsellor did make use of the S O L E R acronym, as an aid to identifying and remembering the behaviour that he showed whilst giving and receiving information. Egan (1994) defines the acronym S O L E R as “part of his skills helper” and an approach to counselling as a non-verbal, listening process used in communication. The counsellor did sit squarely to the client S, he also used an open body posture O, with no barriers between them (like desks and tables), and he did learn towards this client when putting his point over L. On occasions he also maintained good eye contact E and came across relaxed within his own environment with a good relaxed posture R. Bush (2001) asserts that “non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal, and that interpreting non-verbal cues can become easier if nurses remain aware of patients eye contact, expressions, gestures, and so on In the authors opinion the counsellor did maintain
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