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Communications and Media. Micro-Blogging In China The media fraternity and communications departments are rapidly growing and improving in the quality of services they offer. This growth is largely attributed to technological developments and advancements. In this paper we seek to establish whether the shifts in technology have had any impact on people. We base our study on whether the use of micro-blogging (Weibo) has affected how Chinese citizens use the old media and how Weibo and its users have influenced the reporting of news events in china since it came into being in 2009. The emergence and rapid increase of digital devices has had a significant impact on the communications sector in China and the world at large. It has affected…show more content…
Granju (2008) points out that blogs can be used to enhance jokes on what is in the news. The fact that few media stations are using blogs for coverage is posing a serious threat on coverage. This is because many people are now using networking sites and blogs. Those who operate blogs are not qualified to work as media professionals but still do their best to provide information which is widely used by blog users. This reduces the number of viewers or listeners who rely on television for information. Those who operate the blogs play a significant role in providing information to citizens. Blog operators provide information on the wrongs done by the countries governing body and the sector in charge of providing information. In China, internet is not limited or restricted as much as in the information sector making it easy for people to access data. In one of the cases, heads of provinces in China recruited a group of 15 men to find out the real facts of a certain case which was under a prominent blog operator Zhao Li. Later it was found that Zhao was getting funds from the governing body to provide good findings on the case that were favorable to the government. This did not go well as people held different opinions about the case. It was discovered that the Chinese governing body has more than 30,000 such blogs under its influence (Liu 2009). In another incidence, a man lost his job after blog operators highlighted his $15,000 wrist watch. The use of
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