Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper

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Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper

In 2010, I decided to purchase another car. This was not my first time experience in the role of negotiator. This paper will talk about the role of the negotiator and what negotiation skills I used to make the deal come to what I wanted the price to be and what I wanted.
First Step - Clear Communication through Evaluation Prior to any negotiation, the product that will negotiate needs to be located (Watkins, 2003) in Georgia. I inform the car salesman over the phone what kind of car I wanted to purchase; a car that I could retain more mileages per gallon, low mileages, low payment plan, reliable, 2008 model, a Nissan Sentara, Honda Civic, or Toyota Corolla.
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* Remember, even if you do not like the other person or his communication style, you are negotiating because you have. If you could simply get your way, you would not be in this situation. Therefore, no matter how you feel about the other party, stay focused on the issues that need to be resolved (Adubato, Ph.D., 2011). * The key is to remember that communicating your distaste decreases the odds you will accomplish your objectives. Simply put, focus more on the problem and less on the person (Adubato, Ph.D., 2011). * Communicate from the other person's point of view. Great negotiators work hard to see the process as an opportunity to help someone else accomplish his or her objective (Adubato, Ph.D., 2011).

Personality also plays an extremely important role in negotiation process as it is imperative to understand the personality of the other party to become successful in negotiation process. The person on the other side can possess one of these types of personality: Dominant, Influence, Steady Realtor or compliant personality. * People with dominant personality are direct and focus on bottom line. For them, winning is everything. * Similarly, people with influence personality love to talk and interact. They are personable, want to be liked and make quick, impulsive decisions. They usually have a great
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