Communication and Sexuality: How Sexuality Is Affected by Age

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Communication and Sexuality: How Sexuality is Affected by Age Introduction As people age, their feelings about sexuality change. This can come from stress they experience in life, hormonal changes, physical issues such as medical problems, or just "getting older." Not everyone will have a strong shift in feelings or opinions about sexuality, but some will be more affected than others. This ties into communication and sexuality because many people avoid talking with their partner about the issues they are facing. That can lead to a high level of dissatisfaction that may cause serious problems in the actual relationship. If the people in question talk things over and are honest about how they feel from the beginning of their relationship, they can avoid some of the common problems that come about where a lack of discussion regarding sexuality is concerned. Communication does not guarantee a good sexual experience or a good understanding from either partner, but it does provide a better chance of making things work in a relationship. It seems as though sexuality as one ages is most affected by issues such as menopause. Men also go through a similar hormonal shift as they get older. The problem is not with the change in hormones, as that is a normal part of aging. The problem is with the fact that there is still a taboo when it comes to talking about these kinds of things. Men do not want to hear about "female trouble," and even women do not like to talk about it. It

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