Communication and interpersonal skills Essay

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2.0 Understand how communication and interpersonal skills affect managerial performance in the workplace
Evaluate how interpersonal skills and communication skills affect managerial performance
2.1 It is self-evident that communication and interpersonal skills are crucial in the workplace. Good two-way communication is important to enable the flow of information in an effective way whether it be verbal or non-verbal. Good communication has a positive impact on the performance of the team including; everyone is clear what is expected from them, they receive good feedback and recognition of achievements which makes staff feel valued and boosts employee morale. The manager needs to be approachable and have a non-threatening manner so
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2.2 In a small practice with part-time team members there is a high possibility of communication failure for example; messages not being passed on at all or incorrectly, decisions made earlier in the week without involvement or reference to all colleagues. This may result in mixed perceptions or feelings of marginalisation. To overcome this barrier, staff meetings are to be held on dates where all staff can attend. If this is not possible the minutes of the meeting should be written out and forwarded on to the appropriate people. It is also important to seek feedback regularly to check the message has been conveyed in a clear and concise way. Forums and emails are an efficient mechanism for short, chatty updates. It is also a good method of quickly communicating messages to several people and allowing further discussion with feedback and input. Another communication barrier that could occur would be staff not being clear of tasks that have been set for them to do by the busy, Principal Dentist. If this is done in an ad hoc, informal manner the tasks may not be done in the correct way or simply keep being rolled forward. To help overcome this barrier, I would need to ascertain from the Principal exactly what is required and when. I would then devise a rigorous schedule with clear step-by-step guide on what needs to be achieved. I would negotiate with individuals and delegate specific tasks depending on the skills required. The schedule would record who has been made
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