Essay about Communication between Parents and Teens

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Communication with parents was one of the first things people have done since when they were born. Communicating and listening to the child is a parent’s duty because it lets the child know they are there for them. Conversations ramble as teens look to their parents for answers. As teenagers, communication with parents will change dramatically, unless the teen is well discipline. Conversations between parents and teens can be good or bad, it all depends on how the conversation is approached and on the attitude of both parents and teens. Some teens have a lot of attitude towards their parents when talking; their emotions kick in when things don’t go their way and arguments starts. Conversations teens have with their parents differ through…show more content…
For example some teens probably have gotten mad at their parents and ignored what their parents said. It would be no surprise that this has happened to the teen’s parents, as they were once teens. For parents, saying mean things to teen kids are not good ideas, arguing usually is a short-term conversation as later in the week or week’s teens will forget about it. But if a parent bursts and says something so bad and hurtful, teenagers can take it to the heart, as it was one of their parents who said the harsh words in their face. Examples would be such as if a child was getting yelled at so much to the point where he/she runs away. Occurrences of teens running away because of parents are rare but do still happen. As a teenager when arguing last for a short-term with their parents there is not much he/she can do if a parent has denied them something. Such as if a teenage girl wanted to go to the movies with her friends and her parents both have said no, the only thing she can do is pout. Another thing she can do is argue until her parents change their mind, which this is a common thing for teens to do when they argue to get things going in their favor. When parents have problems and don’t want their kids to know, they turn to friends for advice. They can discuss about grownup things like life issues, marital problems, or children problems. When teens have problems and doesn’t want their parents to get involved or know,
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