Communication for Sandwich Blitz Unit 9

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COMMUNICATION FOR SANDWICH BLITZ (UNIT 9) August 7, 2012 Kaplan University Professor William Okrepkie To: All Site Managers, This email is to confirm that we have decided to take our business to the next level. Over the past 90 days, we have been testing and trying to get the bugs out of the E-Customer Ordering System. We have realized that by using this new system we will be able to increase efficiency with our customers by 45%, with a 99.9% accuracy level in getting our customer orders correct. We have realized the problems you all have been having, due to the influx of new customers that have been visiting all of your locations. So we have decided to help remedy these…show more content…
In order for us to expand we need everyone to work together as a team, and no idea need to go unheard. We need everyone’s input to see where we are lacking. When the automated system is up and running we can probably run more spot incentives for the employees to help build morale. We know the associates are not happy right now, so in making these changes, this should make them feel better about us. We also feel that if we show the associates that we care about them, and with these new automated machines in place we will see a huge jump in productivity. We will be implementing something else. We feel if we bring a little challenge into the mix that is beneficial to each one of your sites. You all should really enjoy it. We are going to try a new approach with monthly incentives. We feel that with us moving forward as a team oriented company we need to reward our teams when they go above and beyond. So here is how we will structure our new monthly incentive plan: Your site has to have the most sales, and exceeded the site with the most sales by 5% from the previous month. If your site complete these task, everyone who is employed in that site will receive a 4% bonus in their pay. The bonus will reflect in the 1st pay period after the last day of the previous month. Please advise all of your associates of the new monthly bonus structure. If

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