Communication in Care Settings Ao1

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Communication in Care Settings

In this assignment I will be looking at the different types of communication which are used in care settings and the factors that support and inhibit communication.
Communication in my opinion means interaction with others, gaining information and retaining that information. It is very important because we use it in our daily lives to talk to people either orally or written. If there is a lack of communication then it will be hard for people to listen or to get the information they need. In care settings, different types of communication are needed to help with their patients or clients. Communication is important in health and social because it helps build a relationship between a client and a carer.
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Another disadvantage is that the service user may not get feedback immediately which could cause problems if that service user is in great danger.

Verbal communication is talking to someone and giving them information and also retaining information. Furthermore verbal communication is very important in a health and social care setting because it allows care workers and service users interact with each other face to face. This would then help the service user understand what the care worker is trying to say/explain to them because it would be clear and precise. The service users may feel that the care workers are showing an interest in their needs and well-being if they are communicating with them verbally (Face to face).

The advantages of verbal communication are that there is an opportunity for clients to get immediate feedback which is easier and good for service users because they would know if the information that they have explained to clients was understandable. (Make sure the message got across). It is also very effective if the and easy if care workers in that health and social care setting understand each other so if there are any problems they can interact with each other easily. Another advantage is that it is not cost effective because you do not need money to speak to each other face to face and within the health and social care setting care workers can motivate each other.

The disadvantages of verbal communication are miscommunication,
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