Communication in Corporate America

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Communication in Corporate America
David Tamene
Davenport University

MGMT 535
Dr. Ruth
September 16, 2009

Communication is one of the most vital components of a business! It is imperative that every business practices good communication within its members. From a managerial perspective, mangers have to make sure they carry out effective communication skills by actively listening to verbal and nonverbal messages. A fundamental strength of great leaders is that they communicate a powerful sense of urgency that mobilizes all troops in pursuit of a brighter and better future (Richardson, 2009). Communication is necessary for all walks of life. It is necessary in the
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To avoid such consequences a few simple strategies could have been placed to prevent such downfall. One strategy that could have been implemented is to have an evaluation period upon being hired for Mr. Miller. This period would act as a probation type period, in which the new employee would be evaluated every 2 weeks. The evaluation would be conducted by Brian Jones ( Vice President of Systems and Programming), and would look at how well Mr. Miller was fitting in at the corporation, and also look at any changes he has made and the resulting effects of them. Another effective strategy that could have been placed is to not wait 1 year to hire a new employee. One of the problems of the company was that it lacked the proper managerial leadership it needed, and thus when Mr. Miller came on board; he was probably given more power and responsibility than his job entailed. Finally, a third strategy that should have been placed is to ensure proper communication from day 1. Proper communication would entail a contract or meeting that described all of Mr. Miller’s responsibilities, his boundaries as assistant vice president, and the proper etiquette in writing emails to fellow employees. The above 3 strategies all could have been implemented in order to prevent such chaos. The first strategy, “ Bi – weekly”
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