Essay on Communication in Criminal Justice

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Communication in Criminal Justice Settings Ashley Thompson CJS/205 Erin Kirkpatrick Abstract Communication is important to most professions and human relations in general. When it comes to a career in the Criminal Justice field, you must have great communication skills. Possessing these skills can keep you out of bad situations, and might even save your life. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal and to be able to do your job well, you need to know how to overcome potential communication barriers. Communication in Criminal Justice Settings Communication is a necessity when you are working almost any job. When you are working with the public, the people in a community you must be able to not only communicate your own point…show more content…
Are they stiff? Maybe they are really wiggly and all over the place, touching their face, hair or moving their feet around. Are they standing in front of you with arms crossed? What are their feet doing? There are many ways our body language can give us away. Too much or too less of something, shows that you are nervous, scared or defensive. When writing your report or any other documents other people will need or see, it is important to use proper spelling and grammar. The vocabulary used should be words that are easily understood by many, if you make your document filled with police jargon or overly technical terminology, the common people would have a difficult time relating or being able to understand. Diversity in Different Cultures American women are legally recognized as equals to men, and in most male and female relationships they are treated as an equal or a member of the team. In many other cultures, women and children are looked at as second class, or even property. Here is America it is against the law to hit your spouse but in many other countries it is OK, this treatment is often acceptable to do to children too. Also, most American’s believe in eye contact and handshakes, but other cultures may find this to be rude and disrespectful. When an officer is working a specific area, it is a good idea that he or she educates themselves about the people who live there. If there is a high population of people from Iran, you should know that thy do
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