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Introduction This is an analysis of a taped interview between a nurse and a patient who is taking pre-employment medicals. The information given during the interview, including her name, Pink Cloud is fictitious because of the need of confidentiality. During the interview, objective and subjective data will be collected. The areas of communication focused on in the analysis are verbal, questioning and listening skills. Analysis will be made and later suggestions and recommendations will be made on how to make improvements in the future. To achieve this, direct quotations from the will be used to make references to the three theories being analysed and will be supported by the literature.
Analysis of the interview
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Nurse: “Do you drink Alcohol? Mrs Pink Cloud: “No” (8:60 seconds) Using this example, we clearly see that the nurse asks the patient a direct and clear question so as to get information and in turn she gets a response. It is suggested that this is a good example of questioning and probing and it is recommended to be used again in future. To provide the most effective care possible, nurses must begin with clear and appropriate verbal skills such as being honest, being concise and keeping emotions out of the conversation (Apler, 2006). Questioning is the act of forming an inquiry and interpersonal communication to gain information which assist in making decisions. There are two common types of questions that are mostly used in an interviewing scenario, that is; closed and open questions. Closed questions are restrictive and require short answers .For instance, “Yes/ No “answers. The amount of information gained is limited while, open questions begin with “What, Why/ who?”They allow patients the freedom to talk about what they wish and invite an argument, long answers are required for these types of questions. (Stein-Parbury, 2009). Questioning has been positively associated with partnership-building and patient comprehension. Therefore, questions should be asked to determine how much patients have learned and remembered, and

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