Communication in Law Enforcement

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Communication in Law Enforcement

Discussion Board 2

Liberty University

CJUS 520-B07

Ray Kirby

How can communication be improved in an organization that is structured in a traditional bureaucratic form? To understand how communication can improve within a traditional bureaucratic criminal justice system, one must understand the structure and how communication is dispersed within the respective criminal justice agencies. It is also important to realize that each agency or criminal justice organization has policy and procedures governing how communication is transmitted. (Stojkovic, Stan, Kalinch, David, & Klofas, 2012) Within law enforcement agencies information is passed either up or down the chain of command. Meaning
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Additionally, better understanding of these barriers by top-level managers within the organization will allow for better formalization of communications. These barriers include: 1. Preconceived ideas 2. Denial of contrary information 3. Us of personalized meanings 4. Lack of motivation or interest 5. Non-credibility of the source 6. Lack of communication skills 7. Poor organizational climate 8. Use of complex channels 9. Communication gap (Stojkovic, Stan, Kalinch, David, & Klofas, 2012)
The understanding of those barriers to which prevent information from being received can allow for better communication throughout the department.
How might computerized communication be utilized to improve the effectiveness of communication in a bureaucratic organization? Computerized communication within law enforcement has and will continue to improve law enforcement as the technology is implemented and utilized within these agencies. The utilization of such devices as mobile data terminals (MDT’s) has given the average patrol officer access to enormous amounts of information. Even in 1979, Computer and technology were said to “have the potential to aid in criminal justice activities through the rapid communication of accurate and complete information, and perhaps a more rational approach to decision-making” (Colton, 1979. P.19). Now in 2014, the computers and
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