Communication in Management

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Critical Essay- Communication (interpersonal)
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The subject ‘Introduction to Management’ required all students to work in project teams to complete the e-project assessment. After participating in this project it reflected the significance of achieving successful interpersonal communication. This also helped reveal on my personal workplace and evaluate their efforts. Interpersonal communication is a critical component to achieve success with management issues and in this case an effective presentation within the project team or work effectively in employment. This essay will discuss the experience of working within this project team and present an analytical evaluation
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A major cause of conflict in this area is the knowledge of impartial conduct alternating between group members due to the variety of cultures. Diversity management needs to practiced so that all groups in the organization “perceive that employment policies operate to satisfy their needs as well as those of individuals with different personal characteristics” argues Dr. Kramar (1998, p123). To succeed at understanding policies as an organisation the group needs to be communicated as ways of achieving organisational objectives not by individual goals and two fold; bringing the members of the group together.
Contrasting with this notion is that studies show the higher level of diversity within an internal environment creates a competitive advantage for that particular organization. Diversity increases levels of innovation as it brings different perspectives together (Cox 1991, p 45). However the diversity in the project group for this subject was not an advantage for the e-project, with diverse members had no communication with the existing member creating much confusion and bringing no innovation or creativity. In a different context of workplace at Subway this argument is supported as diversity within employees elevates that creative ideas that are developed at staff meetings and help the team as a whole to be motivated and opened up ideas that would not be touched domestically.
Planning and decision-making is a major
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