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Effective Communication Techniques in the Health Care Team
Preceptor Experience Week One In this assignment I will throw light on my first clinical week that I had to observe the effective communication skills on the med surgical floor. As I started my day, the charge nurse was assigning patients to the dayshift. As the patients were assigned, the nurses started their shift report from the night shift in the break room. In this report, they discussed the patients diagnosis, previous medical history, labs and all pertinent information about each assigned patient. On the med surg floor, we get the opportunity to experience all areas of patient care with patients coming from surgery, emergency department, direct admit, and transferred from
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Attention to patient emotional cues by nurses suggest to patients that their concerns are valued and worthy of attention. The more the nurses show empathetic behaviors, the more the patients disclose their concerns which has implications for patient emotional adjustment(Sheldon & Ellington, 2008). One of the patients, when the nurse went into the patients room was just sitting at the edge of the bed just looking down, when the nurse talked to her, paying attention to her, she started to open up slowly saying that, "No one from her family visited her and said that they are all working and have family, and it's difficult for them to come here from Indiahoma". But then the nurse sat down and talked to her and told her to call back on us anytime, that we are here to listen to you. This kind of communication in which paying attention to the unspoken or non verbal cues from the patients side is really of paramount importance and requires the skill of the nurse. The interdisciplinary meeting is held in the report room, where the healthcare team members play an important role in patient care which includes the nurses, the physicians, the physical therapist, the occupational therapist, the dietician, the pharmacist, the social workers and the case managers. They discuss the latest updates on the patient care and management,
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