Communication in Professional Nursing Essay

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Communication and interpersonal skills are closely related in the nurse-to-client professional relationship. There are several different types of communication in professional nursing. They are written communication, verbal communication and nonverbal communication. (Craven& Hirnle, 2009).
In this essay I will recall and describe my experience in a health care environment and reflect on communication in that interaction. I will look into interpersonal and communication skills used by the health professional and what I learned from this interaction. And if I am going to use those skills in my future nursing practice.
I would like to describe my resent experience with the nurse. I visited the clinic to assess my health and immunity
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During our conversation the nurse used verbal and nonverbal communication skills such as paralanguage, eye contact, proxemics, gender, cultural sensitivity, therapeutic use of self, caring, positive regard.
So let’s analyse main communication and interpersonal skills used by the nurse in my interaction in more depth. I would like to discuss paralanguage, eye contact, and proxemics and gender skills used by the nurse in communication with me.
Paralanguage is “the oral delivery of a verbal message, expressed through tone of voice, inflection, sighing and so on” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p.165). It is used to communicate attitudes or other shades of meaning. It is important to understand this aspect of verbal communication because it affects the interpretation of a verbal message. If the nurse speaks in a rushed, high-pitched, hush voice it will make client feel uncomfortable, uninterested in. It could give the client the message of the nurse not having enough time for the client. Opposite to it if the nurse is speaking in a soft, unhurried voice that expresses genuine interest. So this type of talking will be inviting for the client to speak and join the conversation and share the information with the nurse. Also it makes client to feel important, respected and genially
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