Communication in Virtual Team

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Katie M Drinkall (u06a1) Unit 6 Assignment 1 Communication in Virtual Team Capella University September 26, 2013 Communication Communication is the activity of conveying information though the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information by speech, visuals, signals, writings or behaviors (Grosse, 2002). These processes are done over time, culture, and geographic boundaries, while this has become a common practice for organizations and has give rise to the concept of globally dispersed teams known as virtual teams (LaLonde, 2011). Communication is one of the most necessary components of leadership, without communication there would be no teams, nobody would know what their role on the team would be, there would be no procedures…show more content…
(Jarvenpaa & Leidner, 2006). When a virtual team is established there are many reasons why the team was developed, the main reason would be physical locations from one another. When teams are spread out over a long distance it can be very time consuming as well as costly to travel to that current location for a meeting, while the meeting could be conducted via the internet and conference call. Even though a team is only communicating in the virtual reality, there are many aspects of the first initial meeting that need to be made to make the team as effective as possible. According to Nyström & Asproth, once initial contact has been made there needs to be standards that need to be set for a positive communication standard. Technology According to Pitts (p.3), Training is a very large issue related to communication in a virtual team, either the team members do not have enough training when it comes to technology or they are simply lacking the equipment needed to communication in a professional manner. While LaLonde (p.8) states that the information technology provides the influence necessary to support the development and expansion of new organizational infrastructure. Since there are no training courses in trust (Grosse, 2002). There are however numerous carouses in communication and how to improve
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