Communication in Your Career

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Communication in your Career Field Report Patrick R. Kennedy Baker College Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Findings Conclusion References p. 3 p. 4 p. 4 p. 8 p.10 Executive Summary Effective communication is paramount for success in the field of Supply Chain Management. Continual communication between employees, managers, buyers, and customers is necessary to ensure processes and procedures are being followed. Proper, effective communication is the foundation for a strong and successful supply chain which increases the company revenue. There are a number of methods for communicating which include, but are not limited to; email, telephone, text messaging, face-to-face meetings, and virtual meetings.…show more content…
As a manager, the better you can communicate to your employees, the more efficient your workforce becomes. Findings In the field of supply chain management, email communication is vital because you are communicating with multiple departments throughout the business along with your vendors. Therefore, email is the most common form of communication in the workplace. During an interview with Keith Collins, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Boyne Resorts, he stated that “The first thing I do when I get into the office is check my email. I find myself emailing at least 80% of the day” (K. Collins, personal interview, October 15, 2015). When asked who he emails throughout the week and the purpose of the communication, he explained that he emails store managers, resort general operation managers, and accounts payable for a variety of reasons. As Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, he is assigned the task of keeping all retail stores on track so he is communicating via email with the twelve retail locations weekly. Given that email communication is most commonly used, understanding the proper usage, tone, and format for different situations is paramount when communicating digitally. When composing emails, it is important to be able to get your point across effectively and for it to be in the proper format. In order to do so, you must compose a clear and concise message. Guffey and Lowey (2015) suggest, “Applying the KISS formula (Keep It Short and
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