Communication in Your Workplace

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Managerial Communications (Man-373) 6 November 2011 Communication in Your Workplace Effective communication in business is imperative when it comes to the success of a business. Every aspect of a business requires communication. Communication within a company may have started out with one style and then changed throughout the years. Some other companies may have never adapted to our changing society and have found themselves obsolete. Some companies have adapted to different forms of communication based off of the type of business conducted and internal components that the company faces. Today, I will focus on three specific forms of business communication discussed in the book, the scientific management style, the human approach…show more content…
Throughout the years, this style had to evolve to keep up with the changing work environment. What started out as a small company, now started to grow and layers of management were added. The company, which spread to three other states, now operates globally. At first, policies and procedures were pushed downed autocratically. There was not a buy in, by lower management, on the direction the company was heading. Upper management, often, dictated to lower management on exactly how procedures and methods were to be administered. As the company went global, the communication style had to adapt to the diverse workforce. UPS has always had a promote from within the company policy. All the way up to the CEO of UPS, each management person started as an hourly employee. Company experience was held of more value than secular education. The original culture of UPS was able to last for almost the first century of the company’s existence. Layers and layers of management brought up from a scientific style of management communication. Since the workforce was now global, the style of communication had to develop into a style that could sustain a large, diverse company. The company maintains its promotion policy, but now stresses a secular education. The contingency approach has become the communication style among management. “The contingency approach has grown in popularity recently because of the complexity of organizations.
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