Communication in the BAME

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Communication in the BAME In the BAME, there is currently only one way of communication - letters and papers. That might seem acceptable, but it is actually detrimental to the workers there and to others who work with the BAME to get things done. For example, the time it takes for these written forms of communication to move through proper channels is excessive compared to electronic communication. Moreover, there are many projects being undertaken that involve the BAME, and when it becomes too difficult to get information transferred from one person or organization to another, those projects will not get properly completed. That can lead to a communication breakdown that can delay projects, frustrate workers, and cause a lot of problems for everyone involved. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid that. Communication is changing, most notably in the form of email and other internet options (Barnlund, 2008; Goggin, 2011; Wheen, 2011). The BAME wants to stay current and have fewer troubles when it has dealings with others. Therefore, our objectives and proposed methodology will transform and upgrade the old, traditional ways in which it communicates both within the BAME and with outside agencies. The best way to do this is through electronic communication. Emails and other forms of communicating electronically are very significant in today's workplace (Haykin, 2001; Montana & Charon, 2008). Such technologies will provide the workers with a much faster way to get access to
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