Communication in the Military

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Communication has always been important with in the military from day one. Wihtout this communication no soldier would know where to be or when to be there. When the U.S. military first began we fought in a completely different style than we do today. Back then there was alot more chivalry to war to than there is today. They stood on line with their chests out proud of what they were doing. Without communication the first rank would not know when to fire their muskets, when to take a knee, when to begin reloading their weapons and when to stand back up to take aim to start the process all over again. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary the classification of communication states it’s a process by which information is exchanged…show more content…
They evolved into a distinctive occupation where the signaller became a highly technical job dealing with all available communications methods including civil ones.In the modern world, most nations attempt to minimize the risk of war caused by miscommunication or inadequate communication by pushing the limits of communication technology and systems. As a result military communication is more intense, complicated, and often motivates the development of advanced technology for remote systems such as satellites and aircraft, both manned and unmanned, as well as computers. Computers and their varied applications have revolutionized military comms. Fortunately military communication does not always merely facilitate warfare, but often supports intelligence gathering and communication between adversaries, and thus sometimes prevents war." Signal communication is basically a means of conveying information from person or place to the other utilizing indicators such as gestures and smoke. Signal communication or signaling has long played an important role in warfare. "This form of communication is greatly employed when troops don’t want to be heard or detected and it serves to provide a means of transmitting information from reconnaissance and other units in contact with the enemy." The military uses signal communcations in many different ways and have done so since the beginning of the military. Whether it be in the form of
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