Communication is a Crucial Aspect in Business

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There are two forms of communication—verbal and nonverbal—that are used in every day business activities. Such activities include contributing to decision making in meetings, presenting management procedures, and evaluating employees. However, business communication is insignificant without feedback.
Generally, feedback is the process in which the output of an action or behavior is “fed-back” to modify the following action. Response and opinion are essential to the functionality of human life, including instruments such as governments and economies. For example, when political leaders proposition for a heavily regulated economy while the majority of people want a free market economy, citizens will provide negative criticism for the proposed action. In regards to business communication, critical feedback is the information sent to an individual or a group about its prior behavior so that it will adjust to create a more desired result in the future.
Moreover, feedback acts as a basis for planning the next step of a goal and it generates new ideas. Most importantly, operational feedback—heavily discussed throughout the subsequent sections—generally encourages the improvement of personal and group performance within a firm. Thus, feedback is necessary for the development of individual and companies. Even further, people need responses within an organization because it answers many vital questions that the employees…
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