Communication is the Exchange of Thoughts and Feelings Between People

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Communication is the exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings between two or more people. We communicate verbally or non-verbally on a daily basis with our peers, coworkers and our family members. There are four different communication styles we use in our personal and professional lives: the private, dominant, sociable and open style. Although a person can have characteristics for all four styles, some people have two main styles they fall back on when dealing with certain situations at work or in their personal lives. A fundamental tool in communication is listening, its the key to understanding those around you. When we listen we not only listen to the verbal message but also the non-verbal message. According to the text, the ability to listen effectively is not a natural born trait, its something that must be learned. Effective listening in the workplace is a skill that we as managers, customers,supervisors or employees are always working to improve. In this paper we will examine concepts related to communication such as listening, conflict resolution and communication apprehension and how they influence our everyday communication with those around us.

After taking the short form Styles Survey my two central styles were open styles when things are going smoothly and dominant styles when under stress. According to the text, dominant style communicators are believed to flourish in situations were they can properly demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.…