Communication is the Key in Effective Relationships

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Well it’s true in many different relationships and situations. Communication if done effectively can reduce stress. Allen Louis says: "Communication is the sum of all the things a person does when he wants to create an understanding in the mind of another. It involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding." (Bhasker) It is generally more important that the point of the communication is achieved regardless of the correctness of the grammar. As Bruce Kodish says, “one must observe and listen to what the other person is saying, not only to their words but also to their tone, gestures etc." Albert Mehrabian, who has studied nonverbal communication, points out that words alone convey only seven percent of the message while the majority of any message is communicated through vocal and visual elements. Consider how often meaning gets twisted when texting. It is thought that 38 percent of communication comes from vocal elements that include the quality, speed, loudness, pitch, and intonation of the voice, and 55 percent of communication is attributed to visual elements that include gestures, postures, distance, smell, and touch. (Bhasker) Peter. F. Drucker says, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said.”
Often we experience tension and a hopeless sense of feeling stuck with our situation. At these times, we fail to recognize that we keep…
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