Communication is the Key to a Successful Team

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Good communication is considered to be a key ingredient in succeeding in team environments. The tools to succeeding as a team member are commitment and preparation, active listening, open-mindedness and flexibility especially when dealing with different personalities. When working in a group setting its a given that you will have differing personality types. Their are five personality characteristics referred to as the "Big Five" personality factors that we are going to examine. After taking the awareness check it showed that my strengths lie in extroversion, conscientiousness, and open to new experiences. Extroversion is how outgoing, talkative and assertive a team member may be. Extroversion also accounts the comfort level one feels in a group certain. On the awareness test i graded myself moderate to high of each personality factor given. For example on whether I'm the life of the party of or if i feel comfortable around people i rated myself as a five. Due to the fact that i feel like I'm outgoing and comfortable around people. Concientriousness is defined as how well the team member focuses on team goals. Whether one is dependable, persistent and achievement oriented. Even thought i believe myself to be systematic and efficient, i had to rate myself low on whether I'm always prepared for meetings. Lastly open to new experience, the degree to which the team member is creative, imaginative and willing to consider new ideas. When working in a group certain i

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