Communication of Ethical Issues: Is It Justifiable to Link External Websites without context to Its Readers?

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Is it morally justifiable for the Associated Press, for example, to link to external Web sites without context or comment to its readers? Introduction One of the most common practices that are used in journalism is to provide proper credit to the individual that created a particular article. The reason why is because of the ethical standards that all journalistic organizations are following (by giving proper credit to the producer of the content). However, changes in technology have meant that more stories are available online. This increases the chances that journalists will use articles from other web sites as sources for their stories. In most cases, news organizations will often have a link to this source without: providing any kind of credit to the author or the role it played in creating the story. This is an ethical dilemma facing most media outlets. As a result, this in an indication that this practice is considered to be ethical, based on the ability of readers to see pertinent information about the source. What is happening is news organizations want to embrace the traditions of the past by upholding high ethical standards. However, as time has gone by the transformations in formats (i.e. online) are making it difficult to provide full accreditation for online news articles. As a result, the ethical debates have been continuing the more these practices are used. In this particular case, news organizations are justified in linking their web site to other
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