Communication through Fashion

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1. Identity is people's concepts of who they are, of what sort of people they are, and how they relate to others" (Hogg and Abrams: 1988: 2) To gain knowledge of how we communicate to others through the way we dress, we have to first understand what identity is. Identity is what we choose to represent ourselves as, be that a gender identity, a sexual identity; it is completely up to the individual as a person to make that choice. Identity forms the basis of one’s pride and being accepted socially only adds to that ego and integrity. The psychology of the matter is the way we dress is more or less based on our moods, habits, inspirations, past, present and future. The character of a person is reflected in the way that they dress, Clothing can act as a simple glance into someone’s life, as we are already know that different clothing can represent different means of culture; Clothes are used a language to communicate with society and to commonly let them know what you want to be viewed as. “Social categories have two distinguishing features. First, they are defined and by implicit or explicit rules of membership, according to which individuals are assigned or not to the category (some examples are discussed below). Second, social categories are understood in terms of sets of characteristics { for example, beliefs, desires, moral commitments, or physical attributes { thought typical of members of the category, or behaviours expected or obliged of members in certain situations,
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