Communication with Children and Young People

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Communication and professional relationships with children young people and adults

Good professional relationships can be a rewarding way for two or more people to work together and help each other after moving on to other opportunities. A lack of a professional relationship on the other hand, can lead to lost productivity and hard feelings at work. Many people don 't think that they have the skills necessary to build professional relationship, but with a little time and effort it isn 't difficult.
Professional relationships should be conducted in a spirit of
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Protecting children from a real risk of harm from abuse or neglect, usually from their parent or carer, must always be a priority. It is widely accepted – legally and ethically - that confidentiality can be broken on pressing child- protection grounds. This has long been an integral part of the daily operations of social workers, doctors, teachers, the police, and those providing advice on information handling issues within these services. By sharing genuine concerns about a child or family, professionals of education can construct a more accurate and comprehensive picture about a child’s safety and well-being. Sharing information may be especially important, given the extreme lengths abusers may go to conceal their wrong-doing. It is important to re-state that data protection law never stands in the way of using or sharing personal information – about the child and sometimes about others - where a real need exists. Harming children though abuse or neglect is criminal activity. Data protection law recognises the importance of preventing and detecting crime and pursuing offenders. This must be especially important where children are the victims.
Data protection should never be used as an excuse for failure to protect a child from a real risk of harm. Data protection issues may be less clear-cut where the concerns
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