Communication with Various Groups Paper

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Communicating with Various Groups Paper Angelica De La Cruz Eileen Carlin CJS/205 Composition for Communication in the Criminal Justice System October 12, 2015 The definition of communication varies when it comes to the situation. Communication can be derived from a conversation amongst one another or communication can lead to an interview (for a job, a case, or to obtain information). “Human communication is the way in which humans exchange meaningful ideas with one another” (Justak, 2014). Communication is the first instrument that humans used in their process to socialize, interact with others can be defined as the process of sending information, to convince others to understand our point of view and build relations. What is…show more content…
I interviewed my mother who is 73 years old and has lived through many things (good and bad). I sat and asked her what her favorite childhood memory was? She lived a life of poverty that just about anything that didn’t have to do with helping out around the house, with her siblings, or her parents were gratifying. However, this is one story that I have heard from her countless times. Her favorite childhood memory was going to school and being asked to sing in front of the classroom. The feeling that nothing mattered in the world that money couldn’t even compare to this emotion. Though too many school isn’t exciting because we are obligated to go, but to her it was a privilege to attend school since back in those days not many children could attend school because there was a higher demand to help at home that education wasn’t an option. As she recounted this story I noticed a face of mixed emotions. Her expressions and her voice would have happiness in them yet they also had sad emotions. Gathering stories from two different individuals with a big age gap consisted of several issues. My daughter would pause during her story to try to remember what exactly happened. The voice intonation and body language would at times lead me to believe she could possibly be lying about some of the things that happened (Justak, 2014). Their where pieces of the story that she couldn’t recall and would skip what happened next or jump on to the
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