Essay about Communication within groups

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There are many different kinds of groups that exist between college students that deal with communication they range from sports teams to many community or social groups. The type of organizations that are mostly found in many colleges today are Greek letter organizations. In this paper I will exploring communication within the realm of sororities. First, I am going to start with the history of Sororities, then I am going to write about how important it communication is during what sororities call the pledge process. Furthermore I am going to tell about the different things that sororities have, such as the symbols, colors and different things that may deal with communication. Even though all sororities have different representations for …show more content…
      There are different types of sororities. There are four basic types of Greek letter organizations: social, professional, academic or honorary, and service. Of these, social Greek-letter organizations are most popular (Encarta). The first social sorority started in 1851 by women at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. The women founded the Adelphean Society, which later became a Greek-letter sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Other early Greek-letter sororities for women included Pi Beta Phi, established in 1867 at Monmouth College, in Monmouth, Illinois, and Kappa Alpha Theta, established in 1870 at DePauw University (formally Indiana Asbury College) in Greencastle, Indiana (Encarta).
     Social sororities contribute to the social development of members through organized social events and service projects. Many chapters maintain houses on or near the campus where members can meet and hold social functions. Social sororities are known for their parties, dances, and other social activities (Encarta) . Many sororities encourage those interested ladies to go out and get to know people , and members of the sorority itself. “ Given the minimum requirement that pledges be academically capable of maintaining membership, the organizations that selected them are likely to pay
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