Communications 1010 Business Proposal (Xyz Shoe Store)

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March 2, 2011


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Every company in America has the power to excel and achieve great success. XYZ Consulting Firm did a thorough analysis of Gumshoe Enterprises, and though shocked at the results…we were not amazed to find Gumshoe in desperate need of a chat on the importance and power of Listening. We focused our analysis, though not exclusively, to three very deficient departments: customer service, leather and shoe shops.

“Business experts agree that listening is
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Now let’s move on to the Customer Service department, where clients must receive the utmost attention in order to retain the company’s business. Let’s take the very first call I monitored for instance, the representative’s tone of voice was passive, disconnected and almost distracted. The caller was very upset due to items ordered being shipped to the wrong site. Not only that but the items received were all the wrong style. The unemotional representative kept interrupting the customer every 5 seconds, in an almost competition to see who would win a yelling match. Finally, the caller had had enough of the representative and the caller hung up and the representative was caught saying “I didn’t want to talk to you either.” Though, it could make up for a great script for a comedy, this is business suicide.

In the Shoe Shop department all the problems came to light, as orders got pulled while in-production and in pre and post production. Over 90% of the orders had at least one problem with the order and had to be changed to meet the client’s specifications. The shop craftsmen got very frustrated with the lack of communication from orders, customer service and the leather department. Constant changes occurred; constant bickering was heard as the supervisor’s attempted—without success I might add, to figure out the exact changes and deadlines. The scrap department is now expanding due to all the raw material and wrong products being made on a

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