Communications Campaign for an Aftershave Essay

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Communications Campaign for an Aftershave

I have been requested to produce a communications campaign for my aftershave called Blizz, created by Lacoste, with a budget of
£300,000. The things I need to include are an explanation of the importance of advertising and public relations to a business, an explanation of advertising media and their advantages and disadvantages, discussion of the reason businesses use public relations and the tools used in the public relations and a list of the consists on a communication campaign.

My target audience for my blizz fragrance are businessmen aged 30 and on words. There interests are in business investments and buying posh expensive goods.

The Blizz fragrance will be campaigned on national
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The logic behind it is that if they are paying to advertise, chances are their companies are a lot more successful and in turn professional than the other results.

All in all, the Internet holds many options for people looking to advertise. I was really happy with the direction my commercial took and the results of the ad. It was a really positive experience all around. When dealing with commercials there are hundreds of options. Our base price for a 30 second spot is £549. This price is cheaper than almost any other production company out there. For this low cost you will get the following:

A digital commercial with a film look that separates it from the majority of local advertising, Scripting, Editing, Storyboarding, and
Directing are all included. We handle everything, eliminating headaches. We will provide a DVD copy for you, as well as a television quality copy for the cable company.

*All prices are subject to change and NJ state sales tax. Options include Production Music, Voiceover, and Professional Actors.

Newspaper advertising includes all advertising, promotion and similar campaigns that are carried in daily or weekly, local or national newspapers.

Television advertising includes all advertising, promotion and similar campaigns that are carried through the medium of television. Also includes a range of other television advertising techniques, such as product placement.

Outdoor advertising includes all advertising, promotions and campaigns that are

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