Communications Essay in a Health and Social Care Settings, Different Ways of Communicating.

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Communications Essay in a health and social care settings, different ways of communicating.

This is essay is going to be based on the importance of communication within the broader context of health and social care, it will give you a definitive insight to different communication techniques, such as verbal and non-verbal communication. Within this essay I will also discuss how important effective communication can be and the barriers that can restrict the care practitioner from doing his/her job effectively by using communication as the main tool. Furthermore how personal beliefs and values need to be taken in to consideration and the effect it may have on a service user in the light of working professionally.
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It is very important to be able to recognise what a persons body language is saying especially as a Health and Social care practitioner as incorrect interpretation of communication can lead to miscommunication. Gerad Egan (2004) created an acronym to describe good non verbal communication “S.O.L.E.R this stands for S- sit squarly O – open posture L – lean slightly forward E – Eye contact R- Relax.”
It is vital to use ‘Egan’s’ techniques by care practicioners as it is a key aspect of communication, it is important to apply these functions especially in a thereaputic conversation as it shows effective communication and confidence as a professional body.

It is important for professionals to be able to make good use of para verbal communication. Para verbal communication Is made of verbal and non verbal communication it reinforces non verbal communication in communicating attitudes feelings and social statuses . It is based upon the aspects of speaking such as tone of voice and volume, it also accompanies non verbal listing such as face expressions, gestures and non verbal nods.

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Professor mehrabian states

“A sentence can convey entirely different meanings depending on the emphasis on words and the tone of voice.”

It is vital health and social care
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