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Save this document as: your last name_104_final. Add your name above where indicated. It is due by midnight, Monday, August 11. Answer the following multiple-choice questions by placing the letter corresponding to the best answer after the word Answer: at the end of the question. There are 35 questions and each is worth 2 points. There are also five short answer questions and an essay question.

1) Sanctions imposed on a country, according to Sernau, hurt ___A_____.
A) the poor who are unable to get food, medical care, or other basic necessities
B) the rich elite of a country who can no longer buy luxuries
C) the government who loses legitimacy and capital
D) the businesses in the country who
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A) there is no way to judge corrupt leaders in countries with military dictators
B) powerful countries such as the U.S. have claimed themselves exempt
C) there is no body that has defined what human rights should be
D) all of the above

8) Which of the following characteristics are encompassed in the term "ethnicity?"
A) a common heritage
B) a common language and cultural practice
C) a common heroic ancestry
D) All of the above

9) All of the following are examples of ethnocentricity, EXCEPT:
A) A husband believing his way of thinking is superior to his wife's.
B) An African believing his/her way of child rearing is superior to American ways.
C) A white person who dislikes music that sounds too "tribal."
D) A person who believes women who wear veils are oppressed.

10) Jewish people and Italians came to be defined as white because ________.
A) they were gradually accepted into the worlds of the more privileged
B) over time their skin has become more similar to other people of European ancestry
C) they are clearly not black, so they were placed in the white category
D) they label themselves that way

11) Middleman
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