Communications Is A Service Provider With Multiple Business Segments

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RR communications is a service provider with multiple business segments. The key line of their business include internet, mobile, landline and cable TV services. Currently company operates its four key lines of business individually (Multiple sales systems, databases and customer service centers). According to the building shared services at RR communications case study there are two main problems RR communications facing. The first one is no central IT system and the second problem is corporate politics. Company’s vice president of IT, Vince Patton, trying to create a centralized IT organization. In order to get all four parts of the business in to centralized system he is trying to redesign the company’s internal computer infrastructure, centralize the purchasing budget, create an enterprise architecture, put tools, metrics and policies in place. Vince fired the four divisional because they try to keep the power instead of centralizing the company’s IT system. Vince has to organize and plan and execute the plans. The next goal is to have a single customer service center to serve customers in all four business’s key lines. Problem with the remained divisional CIOs is that they believe that centralized IT system would increase the bureaucracy and it would take away their powers. There are few problems of lacking IM strategy in RR communications loss of company values, a weak control, the organization would have an absence of formality and limited or no access to formal…
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