Communications Methods

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Communications Methods Shawnita Robinson HCS/320 July 8, 2013 Teresa Shook, MS, RT Abstract This paper will address different types of communication methods for a national drug manufacturer who has reports of significant negative effects caused by one of the medications that is used by a significant population. This paper will identify the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional, electronic, and social media for health care communication and the effects of HIPAA and other regulations on the use of these media for health care communication. As the Communications Coordinator for this nationwide pharmaceutical company, we will need to brainstorm and talk about how we will address the negative consequences that our…show more content…
Healthcare Professional Sheets are intended to provide adequate factual information to address potential questions from patients and facilitate a healthcare professional’s consideration of the drug safety issue. As with the PHAs, FDA continues to collect input on the usefulness of these communications through a variety of feedback mechanisms, and anticipates that health care professional communications will continue to evolve (Seligman, 2009). Other Methods of Communication. FDA continues to explore other methods of making its written communications more effective, as well as the use of other media such as podcasts, video broadcasts and conference calls, to disseminate drug safety information (Seligman, 2009). The FDA has a critical role in the detection and management of safety issues that are identified after a drug is approved, including a critical role in communicating information to the public. The actions taken depend on the characteristics of the adverse events, the frequency of the reports, the seriousness of the diseases or conditions for which the drug provides a benefit, the availability of alternative therapies, and the consequences of not treating the disease. Our goal, regardless of the communication tool employed, is to make the most up-to-date drug safety information available to the public in a
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