Communications Plan: Netflix

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Netflix is recovering from one of the worst self-inflicted corporate marketing gaffes in years. After years of offering an excellent value to customers purchasing its unlimited single DVD and streaming services for only $9.99 a month, Netflix unexpectedly announced that it would be completely separating its DVD service from its streaming service, causing a price increasing of 60% to $15.98 for customers who wanted to keep both services. Overnight, Netflix angered many of its very loyal customers and lost over 800,000 of its 24.6 million members due to the debacle [1]. Adding fuel to the fire, Netflix decided to actually create separate brands and separate websites for the two services, keeping the Netflix name for its streaming services…show more content…
On the communication options front, Netflix should begin a social media and internet marketing campaign pushing the fact that they have the “largest streaming movie selection on the planet,” in order to show that they provide a better service than any of their rising competitors. They should specifically target websites like Hulu and movie review websites which offer streaming television and movie information, as they are a perfect complement to those kinds of services. They should also maintain a strong social presence to interact with their customers and ensure that their customers know Netflix is listening to them and implementing their ideas. One example of this could be letting customers vote on particular movies they want to see added to the streaming library next and focusing upon landing distribution deals for those. Netflix could also launch this “we value our customers” campaign through a series of television commercials to communicate this message out more publicly. These communication options make sense because they heavily target Netflix’s target demographic and, for many of them, their preferred methods of communication and media interaction. Because users of the above websites and social media outlets overlap heavily with Netflix’s target demographic, the coverage of their selected audience will be stronger than most other forms of communication (and e-mails and letters to their
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