Communications Plan Essay

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The Busy Bees
Communication Plan Part 1

Mission Statement:

The Busy Bees’ mission is to foster and facilitate learning as well as the successful completion of PMAN 638-9080 by engaging all team members in the process, and drawing on the collective resources and experiences of our group in order to establish group goals, set individual responsibilities, develop operational plans, and deliver finished products in line with our collective expectation level.

Deliverable Due Dates:

Team Name, Mission Statement, Communications and Conflict Resolution Plan, Pt1 and Mini-project Plan for Case Analysis Study 1
Sunday, February 27th, 2359
Case Analysis 1, Why We Didn’t Know
Sunday, March 6th, 2359
Mini-project Plan for Case
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has disclosed similar issues: while on site while at work, he generally has limited or no Internet access during the day depending solely on my phone connectivity.

has similar issues with being on-site at government facilities during the day and travel via plane, and is only available some evenings and times during the weekend for group sessions.

Conflict Management:

If and when conflict arises we will utilize common project management conflict resolution methods to come to an agreement. If the team project manager cannot resolve the conflict within the team they will seek the advice of the professor.

Team Roles: Project Manager Team Member Team Member Editor/Formatting
Group Roles: Recorder: Ensures that all transcripts, emails from group chats are posted in study group by last day of week (I suggest we alternate this duty, it worked well in my past groups). Reviewer: all team members are expected to review and comment on final version prior to posting.

Reviewing Procedures:

Once all sections of the project are complete, post them in the study group conference that is associated with the current project. Sections should be posted a minimum of 48 hours prior to the submission deadline to allow sufficient time for the editor to tie the project together and allow for the final team review. The final review should occur in a round-robin fashion to ensure that all edits are taken into account prior to posting.
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