Communications Plan: Solar Energy

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Communications plan: Solar energy U.S. market demand for solar power is predicted to double within the next year, "thanks to government policies and falling prices" (Sweet 2012). However, a new "tariffs on panels imported from China could contribute to slower growth in 2013, according to a new study" (Sweet 2012). Government austerity measures have forced many nations to cut back on solar subsidies and green investment. For example in Germany,: "that number of solar installations in December 2012 was down 88% from the previous year"¦The German government wants to cut back on solar energy installations because their whole drive to switch to renewable energy has ended being far more expensive that they thought it would be" (Mahapatra 2012). Our company must convince both corporations and governments that solar, renewable energy is a feasible source of power. The future tariffs imposed upon Chinese solar panel imports could be a boon to our company in terms of dealing with the U.S. In the United States, "government subsidies, such as a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of each system, and state and local incentives have been driving growing demand for solar" (Sweet 2012). Out lower-cost panels, as compared with the current Chinese offerings, could push many businesses to 'go solar.' The goals of this communication plan are to generate popular buzz and interest in the product; to encourage prominent, internationally-known businesses to begin to adopt solar

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