Communicative Act Bandura

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Over the next five days the observations took place at various times, during a normal day at school. Two hundred and thirty –two communicative acts were observed, 39% were spontaneous and 51% were induced. The main antecedents to induced communicative acts were verbal prompts, and most of the induced acts were physical in nature. But still, verbalizations and the use of the Pictures were higher for unplanned communicative acts. The functions of unplanned communicative acts were primarily requests for something the teen wanted. If the child complied with the teacher without any feedback it wasn’t coded on the score sheets. The first treatment would make sure that the parents know what their looking for in their development of the child. Show them how to monitor their child’s growth level physically and mentally even if it’s good or bad. The typical development in children gives a generic picture of progress compared to same-age peers if your kids play with others with ASD. Some of the training giving to the parents or caregivers might be much needed for the kids’ well-being. I suggest that when children are showing atypical development they and their families should be provided with information about the child’s difficulties, clinical reports when practical and show them…show more content…
The main reason I would do this is not every parent has a college degree or a ton of money. Most parents lack the knowledge just the same as their kids need extra help. I fill the more informed the parents are, the better care and help the child with ASD will get. Most parents teach the child the same social learning they came from. But kids and adults think differently, Bandura believed that learning through observation and modeling is needed more than reinforcement. Most ASD kids learn from what they see others do because conditioning, reinforcement, and punishment is not always the best
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