Communicative Approach

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I. Problems in the present English teaching and causes of these problems
II. Introduce the communicative approach 1. The definition of communicative approach 2. Two principles of communicative approach • Create a realistic situation • The class should be students-centered

III. Adopt communicative approach to improve students ability to listen and speak, and achieve the goal of English teaching 1. Three stages in communicative teaching 2. Communicative activities in class 3. Achieve the goal of English teaching through communicative approach

IV. Conclusion


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The teacher provides the best conditions for learning through creating the realist situation.

2.2 The class should be students-centered

The focus of classroom should be shifted from the teacher to students. The teacher does most the talking and always has the whole class under his strict control by lecturing, questioning, correcting students and often supplying correct answers to the exercises. In such a class, the teacher is obviously the most authoritative person. Students always act according to what the teacher wants them to accomplish put not what they themselves want to accomplish. So it appears that sometimes, even if the students have understood the text they are reading, they do not have the courage to speak out when called upon, for fear that they may not be right.

The class should be learners-centered. Communicative approach makes learners to be themselves and requires the classroom instructor to play a secondary role, trying to keep focus on the students not on himself and encouraging students to communicate among themselves. The role and relationship between the teacher and students are fixed by the students-centered principle. It is to say that the students are the main part in communication, while the teacher helps the students to communicate.
III. Adopt communicative approach to improve students ability to listen and speaking 1. Three stages of communicative teaching

The teacher can divide the student’s learning into
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