Communicative Language Teaching ( Clt ) Essay

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The demerits of the conventional ELT approaches led to the emergence of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) that focuses on the semantic aspects of the language and fluency in the target language acquisition. Communicative Language Teaching is a“hybrid approach to language teaching, essentially ‘progressive’ rather than ‘traditional’ (Wright, 2000). It is based on the theory that the principal function of language learning is communication. Hence the most fundamental principle of communicative approach is to make the learners engage in ‘created’ real–life situations that necessitate communication with fluency as well as accuracy in linguistic aspects. So its primary goal is for learners to develop ‘communicative competence’ (Hymes, 1971).Communicative competence, the targeted outcome of the communicative approach, includes the following aspects of language knowledge:  Using language for a range of different purposes and functions  Varying the use of language according to the setting and the participants  Producing and understanding different types of texts  Maintaining communication despite having limitations in one’s language knowledge Thus, in CLT, any teaching ideology that helps students develop their communicative competence in a more realistic framework is an acceptable and beneficial form of instruction. Hence the activities like pair and group work requiring negotiation and cooperation between learners, fluency-based activities that encourage learners
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