Communicative Language Teaching

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As the chapter 2 showed, we can understand by communicative language teaching as: “An approach to language teaching that emphasizes learning a language first and foremost for the purpose of communicating with others” (P.Duff, 15). It’s important to consider that de former definition has the intention of developing communicative and linguistic skills such as writing, speaking and hearing within the EFL contexts. It sounds magnificent all this idea, but is it really happening in our classrooms nowadays? Maybe if you ask this question to any person, they would say “they never made me talk with my classmate”, “I don’t know how to do that” or “they barely made interact with my classmate”. This is happening because the focuses of the majority of the teaching programs or teaching methods have been being applied wrongly. However there is not just one correct way to do this, but balanced ones in which the teacher gives a complete set of meaningful knowledge to the student. The last affirmation was said due to the grammar-centered classes. More than the 70% of teachers’ lessons are about grammar constructions, memorizing vocabulary and literal translation. Our aim not only for us as future teachers, but also for current ones, is to give our students the tools for them to learn to communicate effectively in most contexts (formal, informal, writing and oral) in English (or in any other case in another language). Also we must guide them to be critical thinkers and to have curious minds
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