Communism : A Great Evil

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Communism is a lot like a bad relationship. It looked good on paper. In regards to the world’s most feared form of government, two things have been historically recurring. First, communism falls when those in power fall victim to the vice of greed. And second, most important to the US-centric concerns of The West, the United States shows a consistent opposition to the ideals of communism. The most notable example of America’s great fear of the perceived evils of communism can be seen during the 1950s. Following WW2, the U.S had witnessed what havoc communism can wreak upon a nation, namely the U.S.S.R. This concept, one of communism being a great evil, is as core to American ideals as any other we enjoy today. But when it comes down to it, a large amount of America’s fear of communism in the 50s was overblown. First, it needs to be understood that a lot of the problems that U.S faced in the fifties and sixties were not simply a result of communism, but a result of flawed leaders. This is the point at which many historians draw the distinct line between fear of a legitimate threat in ideology, and using an ideology to group together groups of evils. While communism may be a flawed form of government, it certainly was not the cause of every problem the U.S attempted to make it out to be. A cartoon poster made and published just before the fifties was entitled ‘Is this Tomorrow?’. This piece of anti-communist literature portrayed a U.S in which communism was the preferred
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