Communism: An Extreme Form Of Socialism

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Communism is an extreme form of socialism in which most things are publicly owned. A communistic economic system is based on equality and expounds positive and negative effects.
To begin, communism is based on equivalence for all members of a workforce. Communism is an “. . . economic doctrine that aims to replace private property . . . with public ownership . . . of at least the major means of production” (Ball). In fact, Christianity has also partially influenced communism. Holy Bible verses instructed early Christians to “let go of worldly possessions.” A main goal of communism is for social classes to view things as similarly as possible. Selfishness was greatly discouraged, as it was believed that ownership should be shared of at least
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For example, "The inefficiency of these economies played a large part in the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991," (Ball). This shows that communism isn't strong enough to maintain countries. Lots of countries have left communism behind for this reason. Throughout history, there have been adverse effects as well. Although the industrial revolution played a part in the creation of communism, industries have also been badly affected by communism. For example, during the Russian Civil War, industrial production dropped down to one-fifth of how it was before the war. This caused wages to drop by two-thirds. Workers decided to stop working because they had been putting just as much effort into their work as they did before the war, yet they were being paid a lot less (War Communism).
Last but not least, communism also has some benefits. For instance, the ". . . public ownership of the major means of production and distribution of goods and services. . . principle" (Ball). This shows that a majority of things is fairly shared. People have similar visions of the world around them because of the less social division. As a result, the absence of social classes has also led to more mingling among people. Poverty is also no longer much of an issue. As all people put their own part in the workforce, things are equally distributed which prevents a person from becoming poor (Ball).
In all, communism is built upon the principle of equal opportunity and it has its pros and cons. Do you think the pros are worth
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