Communism And Eastern Europe : World War II

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Corey Greenblat Dr. Nestorova International Studies 2251 6 October 2014 Communism Supremacy in Eastern Europe: World War II shocked and dismantled many Eastern European countries leaving Europe in a state of shock, with many unanswered, open ended questions. Buildings were blown up, streets cracked, people slaughtered, and governments destroyed. As turmoil struck Eastern Europe, an opportunity arose for a new political system to come into power. However, this process is never a simple one; two common political ideologies fought to control the heart of Europe. Capitalism led by the Western Allies, funded by the United States Marshall Plan, spread providing a short time of economic prosperity. The American’s plan however could not venture as far east as West Germany with Moscow’s direction of Communism led by Joseph Stalin and he took over a large portion of Eastern Europe with many open statements and empty promises. These two ideologies caused an enlarged time of tension stemming from the drastically different values they were known to embrace, leading to a horrific time known as the cold war. German Philosopher Karl Marx created the ideology of Marxism in his novel called Communist Manifesto published in1848. In this novel, he expressed the importance of the proletariat, or the working class and how they will take the power out of the capitalist hands. However, Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party took over power in Russia and made what Marx envisioned as communism into
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