Communism And Its Effect On Society

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Man has sought out the perfect form to administer government action and beliefs.. They came up with the idea of Capitalism. Others found that those who were divine should rule. Others sought after a government that offered programs and reforms to the populous and called in socialism. Some thought about having the church run the government, but the theory that many people strive to accomplish is communism. Communism has been tried again and again. The only difference was the people leading the revolutions. The theory to run a government known as communism has been around since the 1840s. This form of government seems great on paper, but fall through after time has past and the government is able to establish itself. Just like a coin, communism has two sides to it. The one side is the idea that everyone is truly equal and their is no class difference at all. While the other side is that almost everyone is equal. Karl Marx who thought of the theory believed that this form of government was the best form of government and explained it in his book the Communist Manifesto. While the british author George Orwell 's sought against this form of government because he saw what happened when communism becomes the part of the government.. In his novel “1984” even though it 's a fictional world he demonstrates what communism turns into. He shows that it always turn into an oppressive dictatorship or oligarchy. Karl Marx was born May 5, 1818 in Germany and passed away at the age of sixty…
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