Communism And Marxist Ideologies And The Soviet Union

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After World War II the Soviet Union led by Stalin maintained a strong presence and influence in Central and Eastern Europe, specifically, Poland through the communist Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR). In this paper I aim to address the reason why communism and Marxist ideologies were unsuccessfully received in post war Poland. I will be arguing *that Marxism was made into a tool of oppression by the Soviet Union, and therefore became illegitimate in itself. I intend on arguing this theory by investigating the goal of the Soviet Union. In addition to this I will identifying instances where the Soviets and communist puppet parties in Poland had strayed from traditional Marxist ideologies. Finally I will recognize the opposition groups and parties that had formed against the Soviet oppression and instillment of inequality. I will be focusing my paper around analysis of traditional Marxist ideologies in comparison with post-war Stalinist ideologies which claimed to embody Marxist ideals through their implication within the Soviet Union. By doing this I intend on proving to the reader that Soviet Marxism was a tool of oppression and inequality in eastern and central Europe. The Soviet Union post World War II intended on expanding their political power via communism under a guise of spreading Marxist thought; thus transforming Marxist ideology into “a tool of Soviet domination in Poland” (Aleksandrowicz, 101). They did this through the Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR) a
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