Communism And The Berlin Wall

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Europe’s distinguishable – but perhaps not always positive – history has been shaped most monumentally by two events. In 1945, the end of WWII, breakup of the fascist German state, and subsequent plunge into the Cold War makes the year undoubtedly immensely significant. However, I would argue that the other provided date, 1989, holds even greater clout in terms of change upon the European continent, as well as the world. The falls of Communism and the Berlin Wall as well as the thawing of Eastern Europe marked the year 1989. However, it is important to state that I am in no way diminishing the importance of 1945, simply comparing and contrasting with 1989 to show vital differences. I understand a “turning point” as drastic change that…show more content…
The main problem while trying to do the job was the sides differing views on post-war security. The Western Allies – most prominently Britain and the US – sought a system in which countries would install democratic governments and that this in turn would allow them to peacefully resolve conflicts through the aid of international organizations (such as the UN which was established later that year). However, the Soviet Union held very different desires. Their goal was the control of international affairs for bordering Eastern European countries. However, despite differing ideologies, Stalin also wanted continued peace with Britain and United States. These disparities showed the signs of an international conflict, however at this point that assertion might have been slightly premature. The Allies were still entirely attempting to cooperate and fairly, peacefully, and intelligently reorganize post-war Europe. This was most accurately seen during two noteworthy conferences in 1945 – Yalta and Potsdam. Although Yalta allowed for a successful agreement on the framework of how to handle post-war Europe, the conference established spheres of influence that set a dangerous precedent for the Soviet Union – one that they would exploit in the coming years. Allied
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