Communism And The Capitalist System

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Thereby, the proletariats are defenseless and the bourgeoisies abuses them whichever way they see fit. As it’s been distinguished earlier the bourgeoisies have ties of both political and economic authority, they are prime movers within the capitalist system. If this notable system is hereby eradicated, i.e. exploitation and inequality, Marx bestows a feasible resolution in his book “Communist Manifesto.” Communism is often inferred as a system that construes everyone to be owners of capital, wherefore, not one single individual would own such power and preeminence over each other, this would eventually then lead to sheer equality on the societal level. The capitalist structure (bourgeoisie system) resulted in a complex yet calamitous…show more content…
Attempts from the anti-communist group in want of destroying the fresh plan of disappearing communism’s influence were to no avail, they talked about criticisms, faults, mistakes of the like. It’s rather clear that the lower working classes were at the highest levels of annoyance and all they wished for was some shift in the ongoing culture in the population and the longing need to be bosses of themselves. Marx issued, “In other for communism to be achieved, the existence of private property, capitalism had to be abolished completely” Marx also suggested that “a radical solution was needed, a revolution, with reference to the French revolution as it was what abolished the system of feudalism.” Another prominent example, that could be talked about is how the classic concept of the proletarian revolution is still relevant today in many aspects of American society. As stated by orthodox Marxism, there remains a class conflict in the capitalist society compared from the proletariat and the bourgeoisie and over time the proletariat, structured by the proletarian party, will grow to produce a socialist revolution. However, in today’s world the so-called developed capitalist nations have very little to no proletariat, in the classical perception (factory workers). There arises a new proletariat in Asian countries, India,
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